View Full Version : What lens is this?

13-Mar-2010, 12:51
Received in exchange for other camera accessories. Barrel is brass, flange either, front and rear elements are in aluminum rings. No marks, no signs - just numbers of aperture 8->48, 14 blades. Uncoated, my guess. Fits Copal2.





Louis Pacilla
13-Mar-2010, 18:19

Some make of a Rapid Rectilinear F8 ,two glued pairs. count the reflections. for a RR I believe it's two strong reflections one weak. This would be per cell.

A lot of companies made them & many left the factory unmarked w/ the intent that the supply house would mark them w/ house brand. Not just RR lenses either. They did this w/ dagors on through Wollensak portrait lenses

13-Mar-2010, 18:35
Thank you Louis

Dr Klaus Schmitt
15-Mar-2010, 13:15
Hmm, it uses the older aperture scheme and I first thought it could be a Summar, but these were slimmer. Show a picture with open aperture and a all reflections that lens gives, to see/count the number of glass surface reflections to find out about the lens design. Nice to also see you here Voytek!