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paul owen
10-Feb-2002, 19:49
Just a quickie! I read an archived post on how the same centre filter can be us ed for different lenses. I'm looking into getting the Schneider IIIc CF designed for the 47XL. The 47XL has the same filter thread as the 65 SA (67mm). The Schn eider CF for the 65 is the model III. so can I use the IIIc filter for both lens es? Or is the size of the central darkened area bigger on the IIIc and therefore useless on the 65mm? Matbe not such a quickie after all!! But thanks for any a dvice. Regards Paul

Rapahel Zeiher
11-Feb-2002, 04:08
Hello Paul, when using the Schneider Center Filters, it is necessary to increase the exposure 1.5 stops for the III (or IIIB) and 2 stops for the IIIC. I found the III or IIIB very good for my 47xl (and for the 80XL) but it depend also on the subject, if you go only with one CF , go with the III or IIIB. I have no experience on the 65 SA. I hope it helps. Regards from France

Jean-Marie Solichon
11-Feb-2002, 05:51
Paul, I have no experience with 47XL and 65SA, but I can tell you that my Schneider IIIC center filter works equally well with the 65 Nikkor I had and the 55mm Rodenstock I am presently using.Best Regards Jean-Marie

Thilo Schmid
11-Feb-2002, 08:14
Paul, have a look at htt p://www.schneiderkreuznach.com/pdf/foto/CENTERFILTER.pdf (http://www.schneiderkreuznach.com/pdf/foto/CENTERFILTER.pdf)

The  47XL needs a different Center Filter than your 65. However, using a III on a 47XL would be far better than using none. I guess you will not recognize much difference with an unshifted and stopped down lens.


Lars Åke Vinberg
11-Feb-2002, 08:26
Paul, I am having exactly the same thoughts, just bought a 65 SA and 47 SAXL. The 47 on 6x9 unshifted does not use the whole image circle, so perhaps a 1.5-stop CF is good enough?

Does anyone know the difference between III and IIIb? They are both 3x/1.5 stops, and both 67/86mm.

12-Feb-2002, 16:21
hi paul, i just bought the 47xl and i was not content with the filter III for the 65 , used on the 47xl. i also tried on the rodenstock 35mm,- and so i bought now the IIIc.....hoping that this is working better, but actually i havent seen the results......cause i am working actually in spain with it, and i am going to revelar my films next week....i will let you know about the results... bye