View Full Version : Info about Kodak readyloads and Fugi Quickloads

Robert Eaves
10-Feb-2002, 19:46
Can anyone give me some useful information on Kodak's Readyload system or Fugi's Quickloads. I'm fairly new to large format, so I could use any helpful hints on quality, reliability, shipment to labs, etc..

Ross Martin
10-Feb-2002, 20:33
Hello Bob,

This forum has lots of useful info in the archives, including more than you'd ever want to know about the Fuji and Kodak film holders. From the main questions page scroll down to "Older Categories" then click on "Film and holders".


Robert Eaves
10-Feb-2002, 20:58
Thanks Ross I guess I should have looked before I asked this question. I went to the archives and have found out most of what I want to know. Haven't seen anything yet about shipment to the lab yet, but I will keep looking.

Thanks again, Bob

Ellis Vener
11-Feb-2002, 01:20
You just deliver the packets to the lab. The labs I use will save the packet sleeves if i ask them too so I can compare sequence, exposure or filtration info from sheet to sheet as I or my assistant write this info on the tab of the packet at the time of exposure