View Full Version : Sinar to Technika lensboard recessed adapter?

11-Mar-2010, 03:15
Does anyone know of a recessed adapter like the one made for Toyo boards here:


Jim Noel
11-Mar-2010, 09:09
If you have a bag bellows on your Sinar, there should be no need for a recessed board. I don't use one with a 65mm. If set up correctly the front and rear standards can be moved so close together that the rear of the lens is in danger of hitting the ground glass.

11-Mar-2010, 16:27
I do have the Wide Angle Bellows 2, with the double pleats. There's no problem using the 55mm and 65mm lenses on flat Linhof Technika boards. Only the 45mm is mounted on a recessed Sinar board, and it takes up a lot of space in the bag. If there was an adapter that itself was recessed, I could use a flat Technika board for the 45mm as well. I shoot a fair amount of roll film, and have a digital back as well, which is why I need the shorter lenses.