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Anna Case
11-Mar-2010, 01:51

After taking a little break from shooting 5x7 Color Negative Film I have come back to find it once again discontinued on a box by box basis. I know about the large film orders through Kodak and Fuji that are needed in order to get the film. Is anyone besides Jeff at Badger Graphics putting a film buy together? I'll go in on it. If not, just so you know he's doing it but maybe people don't know and that's why he hasn't reached the 60 box min.

Does anyone know of a valid supplier in Europe or Japan who is selling 5x7 or 13x18cm? If you do I'd so appreciate it.

I believe there is film out there and I do not need to start cutting down 8x10.


Gudmundur Ingolfsson
11-Mar-2010, 02:50
Badger is your only hope.

11-Mar-2010, 04:53
The first buy of sixty boxes of Portra 5x7 film through Badger was completed. I don't know if Jeff has sold off the entire order already or may have kept some film for his own stock to sell as individual boxes. I do not know if he is accumulating orders for a second bulk purchase but you can contact him directly to ask. B&H Photo will accept a minimum order of 30 boxes for Portra 5x7, but previously was unwilling to help in the accumulation of enough individual buyer orders to reach that minimum, a service Badger readily provided. I am unaware of any possibility of obtaining Fuji color negative film anywhere else in 5x7, not even Japan Exposures (old Megaperls) has ever had it.

Dirk Rösler
11-Mar-2010, 05:42
Indeed - I am not even sure whether Fujifilm ever did negative in 5x7 in the past, color or b/w. Only three types of reversal are sold now, Velvia 100, 100F and Provia are in 5x7.

Antonio Corcuera
11-Mar-2010, 06:46
Fujifilm still lists 160S in 13x18cm: