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10-Mar-2010, 18:12
I am new to forum. Just got a 4x5. Got this lense, getting shutter repaired, was wondering if it made images like Petzval's. The instruction book was a neat read, stating the possibilities were unlimited. Wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to read about or see others work that have used this lense. Or any one that has written about using one. Thanks.

10-Mar-2010, 19:08
I have a 250mm Imagon and have used it quite a bit for portraits and have experimented with it for other purposes as well.

Here is a gallery (http://www.arizonatreks.org/gallery/imagon/) containing a few images all taken with my 4X5 Arca Swiss and the 250mm Imagon.

Ernest Purdum
10-Mar-2010, 19:21
Petzvals and Imagons have their own quite differing characteristics. Petzvals have a very sharp center image which goes soft towards the edges. The often desired "swirly" character usually occurs when the lens is used on a larger format than intended by the designer.

By contrast, the Imagon goes from soft to sharp depending on aperture. A rather long focal length for the format (like 250mm on 4X5) is frequently used.

11-Mar-2010, 08:36
Thanks. Like the photos. Ernest, ok, I was told the Rodenstock was trying to replicate Petzval, but it is just a different thing. Thanks so much

Bob Salomon
11-Mar-2010, 10:38
Look for work and articles by Frank Cricchio, Monte Zucker and Tibor Horvath, all are/were masters of the Imagon. Especially for portraitures.

11-Mar-2010, 19:52
Bob, that is what I was wanting. Thanks so much!!