View Full Version : Sinar - Sorting out the Ps

Ed Richards
10-Mar-2010, 14:11
What is the difference between P, P1, and P2 for 4x5 cameras? Quick ways to tell the difference?

Ken Lee
10-Mar-2010, 15:04
Was there a P1 ?

If so, it is not mentioned on these pages:



My understanding is that the P2 (1984) represents an improvement over the P (1970) with regard to "fit and finish" (all-black with nicer control handles) - but the parts are interchangeable, IE forward and backward-compatible.

Keith Pitman
10-Mar-2010, 15:08
I think the P became a P1 like The World War became World War I when World War II came along.

The is also an X, which is a P2-minus, e.g., minus metering back, minus interchangable backs (although my X can interchange backs), and minus zero-detents.