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Ed Richards
10-Mar-2010, 12:40
Stuck my head out of my cave and learned that Fuji is making 4x5 instant pack film. If anyone is using this, can you get us a heads up on the different options and backs?

Peter Galea
10-Mar-2010, 12:55
pm sent

Tim Povlick
10-Mar-2010, 13:02
Hi Ed,

The Fujifilm is FP-100-C45 (color) and a B&W version:


The holder is a Fuji PA-45, although if you can find a Polaroid pack film holder for 4x5 it also works.

The film is very good, colors are really good. It doesn't take to long exposure though.

Nice images on your website!


Mark Woods
10-Mar-2010, 20:41
Yes, some very nice images Ed!

Dirk Rösler
10-Mar-2010, 20:50
There are Fuji b.w and color films. The films are named e.g. FP-100B45 or FP-100B - the number is the speed, the B black and white (C for color) and 45 means 4x5. If there is no 45 then the size is not 4x5 but smaller. There is also a color silk surface instant film, which has the suffix SILK.

The 4x5 films go into PA-45 holder (or Pola 550), the smaller into PA-145 (or Pola 405).