View Full Version : Unknown Agfa film

Pete Watkins
10-Mar-2010, 10:55
A friend has been given two boxes of Agfa sheet film. The first is Agfa Graphic Litex Premium Camera Film. Box marked Halftone film, the sheets are 24x30 cm. Is this stuff any use in a field camera?
The second box is 4x5 Agfa Rapid Print RA711p camera film. There is no film speed mentioned on either box. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Mark Sampson
10-Mar-2010, 12:56
They sound like graphic-arts films to me. Most likely blue-sensitive, slow, contrasty, and high-resolution. 'RA' often refers to "Rapid Access', meaning fast processing in a roller-transport machine. 'Rapid Print' might mean a direct positive film. And the 'camera' designation would indicate use in a large copy camera.
But all my experience with graphic-arts films was with Kodak materials, and not for some years now. Maybe someone else who knows these films directly will speak up.

erie patsellis
10-Mar-2010, 17:42
High contrast in lith (A/B) developer, normal contrast in Dektol 1:6 for about 5 or 6 mins, try and EI of about 3 to start

Pete Watkins
11-Mar-2010, 02:37
Many thanks for your help.
I'll pass the information on.