View Full Version : Empire State Whole Plate Limited Rear Swing

Clarence Rhymer
9-Mar-2010, 15:33
I have two Empire State Full Plate cameras, both of which require some work. I recently noticed that one has limited rear swing in one direction due to the knob conflicting with the rear focus mechanism. I looked at the other one and it is very similar. I find it hard to believe this was the original design, but I am puzzled. I realize that the Empire State was produced in a few different models. These are not the No.2 models. The one on the right is missing a knob.

Anyone else have one of these? Any ideas?

Thank you.


Wayne R. Scott
9-Mar-2010, 20:53

I have an Empire State 8x10 that has exactly the same type of rear swing as your two whole plate. Apparently they believed nothing interesting would need to be photographed with swing in that direction.


Jim Graves
10-Mar-2010, 01:38
I also have an "Improved Empire State" whole plate which is identical to your photos ... except that my rear tilt shaft appears to be farther back than yours. Looking straight down, I can't see the cutout in the brass below ... although the cutout does extend under the tilt shaft. When I measure, the maximum swing deflection is the same in both directions [about 18mm.]

The Empire State No. 2 8x10 I have does not have this design.

[note: The amount of swing deflection of my Empire whole plate is very close to those of my Seneca, Chicago View, and Montgomery Ward whole plates.]