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9-Mar-2010, 03:22
Hi all,

I wonder if someone might know whether one can buy an aperture mechanism. If one were to have an antique lens with Waterhouse stops, could one buy an aperture mechanism to fit into the barrel ? Or does one need to buy a similarly sized broken lens and try to cobble the two together ?

I am aware of the electronic shutters and that there were aperture mechanisms for dimming lights in theatres but I wonder if there are any manufacturers who make apertures of a more mechanical and small variety ? Laser technicians use shutters also I believe (rather than apertures...)



John Schneider
9-Mar-2010, 08:34
I'll leave it for you to check, but I imagine that someone like Melles-Griot or Newport, who make parts for research lasers and other optical benches, would make apertures.

Jack Dahlgren
9-Mar-2010, 10:36
Rolyn carries a variety of sizes.


They are nice and round.
But you still have the challenge of mounting it.

11-Mar-2010, 21:34
Many thanks once again.

Those Rolyn Optics devices look great!