View Full Version : APO-Nikkor Lenses...what to do with 'em?

Kimberly Anderson
8-Mar-2010, 20:16
So I 'inherited' a couple of APO-Nikkor lenses today. They are mounted together as a pair on a single lensboard for a very large process camera. I have a 305 and a 480. The glass looks great, but the aperture blades are totally ruined. I am wondering if I can use these on any of the various large format and ULF cameras I've got.

I noticed that SK Grimes has some info about putting these into shutters and such. I might have to call them tomorrow and see what they say.

Basically what I'd like to do is put these to use the most cost-effective way...which means zero-cost.



erie patsellis
8-Mar-2010, 21:31
Packard, sinar shutter or hat would work. You will need to either make/have made a set of waterhouse stops or have the iris' repaired though.

Dan Fromm
9-Mar-2010, 03:57
Adam Dau, of SKGrimes, once told me that the 305/9 ApoNikkor's cells are direct fits in a #1 shutter. I've never tried to extract my 305's cells, so can't confirm or deny.

Kimberly Anderson
9-Mar-2010, 06:17
Cool, thanks guys. This has been covered here before, actually kind of almost to death, so apologies for the redundancy.

Kimberly Anderson
9-Mar-2010, 17:59
One thing I can't figure out though...is how do I take this dang thing apart? There are some really tiny set screws...REALLY tiny. Are those the lock to open the door? I'm curious how these things are made, and want to see if I can remove the aperture leaves and clean them up enough to use them for *something*.