View Full Version : Any experience with this lens?

8-Mar-2010, 16:55

Bought a lens last year off fleabay for $5. I had no knowledge of it other than it was cheap and "looked" clean. It was from an estate sale.

Anyway, it's a Voightlander Braunschweig Tele-Dynar f/6.3 29cm. Has a plate on it with Burke & James. Remarkably well cared for, spotless glass and body in shutter.

I have a few Heliars, but I have yet to take this out for a spin. Anyone have any 1st hand experience with it?


9-Mar-2010, 14:42
Vade Mecum says the 290mm was made for up to 9x12cm formats. Also- "The f6.3 was a 2+1+2 design of 5 glasses and 3 components, and matched the
Dynar at least in number- and the design actually resembles Dynar to some extent". You are in the best position to report how they work in practice I think.