View Full Version : Fomapan 200

8-Mar-2010, 16:31
Anybody got any info on the future of fomapan 200? Only thing i have found out is that they are having problems on finding raw materials. Is it going to be gone for good? I kinda settled on this film after classicpan/fortepan 400 vanished...

MIke Sherck
9-Mar-2010, 07:08
The last word posted on APUG is that a supplier cannot continue to provide something or other and Foma can't find a replacement, so Fomapan 200 is gone, at least for now, possibly forever. Fomapan 100 is not effected.


14-Dec-2010, 20:05
Fomapan 200 seems to be back, great news! They are starting with 135 & 120 and sheet film will follow that. I also noticed that freestyle has started selling fomapan 400 in sheet formats! Just wating it to hit the european market! Even thought i prefer fomapan 200 for it's sharpness, and really hope they will start to cut it in 9x12 too which is my handheld format, as the fomapan 400 and 100 is already available in 9x12. I think fomapan 200 is one of the most interesting cheap films out there.