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Richard K.
8-Mar-2010, 13:37
There's a Fulmenar lens on that auction site. Not familiar with this brand. Any body shed some light? :)


Dan Fromm
8-Mar-2010, 14:52
Per the VM:

Sichel, Bunhill Row, London, UK.
They were long established importing agents and there seems to be no suggestion that they made lenses.
They were agents for Meyer and Schulze and Billerbeck at this period. They may also have been agents for
FOS from Poland, eg of Planastigmats, so this trade name may have been shared.
Planastigmat f6.8 4.25-19in for 100, Sic001 1904-1906 period. This has not been seen.
Fulmenar this was sold in two series in 1906.
Series 1 f6.8 3.5-9.5in focus, for 90 It was a 3+3 anastigmat, probably Q9, and like
Phaos. It has been seen as a nicely made brass finish lens at f6.8/300mm and should be a high quality
1/1plate or 10x8in lens.
Series 11 f5.5 3.5-9.5in focus, for 90 This is possibly the same type?
The example seen is a f6.8 6.0in lens No86,01x and does seem to be a Q9 from the reflexions. It is in a black
brass and alloy sunk mount, and is engraved Sichel and Co, London EC .
Studio Lens f3.0 7.0-15.75in. This was probably a Petzval.

Richard K.
8-Mar-2010, 16:57
Wow Dan, thanks! Much appreciated.