View Full Version : filter on Nikkor 150SW f8?

4-Jan-2002, 09:27
Hi, I have a 150mm f/8 SW and use a standard 95mm UV filter on it - I tested it first with a folded piece of lens-tissue between the lens and the filter - tightly screwed on, the tissue was not compressed, so it doesn't tough. For all other filters, I am using a Cokin X-Pro system - 122mm x 140mm filters. Not pleased with their selection of B+W filters (just a yellow, orange and red), but it is cheaper (by far) then buying glass filters, and much cheaper then buying a compendium filter holder.

4-Jan-2002, 09:28
opps...should be "didn't touch" not "didn't tough" - sorry!

Michael Kadillak
4-Jan-2002, 11:25
I have the Nikon 150SW that I use for 8x10 and the Nikon 120 SW that I use for 5x7 and with filters, I decided to keep it simple and went with B+W regular 95mm B&W offerings. I do not keep a UV on the lens for transport. When I do put a filter on I make sure that I do not take the threads all of the way in to prevent contact of the glass surfaces. Usually a full turn or less is plenty to insure positive engagement. I checked it once with two filters on and found that my corners were being affected. Great lenses with ample coverage.