View Full Version : Kodak 2D 8x10 need some rear knobs and an extension rail

8-Mar-2010, 09:32
Does anyone know where I might find two rear knobs for the left side of the camera? I have decent Kodak 2d and all that's missing is the knobs. I do have an email into Richard Ritter about this, but if someone has one in their parts bin they might sell, I'd gladly pay. Similarly, I am in the market for an extension rail as mine was without it. It has the traditional screw in type and not the turn key version.

Thanks in advance.


8-Mar-2010, 09:54
Sorry I don't have any spare parts, but just a tip--the 2D main rail from a parts camera can easily be adapted as an extension rail. Once you remove the hinge, you're left with a rail bed that has the correct spring-loaded screw. It's just a matter of shaving off the positioning ridge and adding some short dowel or brass rod stock to act as positioners. As with any non-original extension, you may need to do a little work to lower or raise the gear racks (by routing or shimming) to match the original rail.

Brian Ellis
8-Mar-2010, 11:42
These rails were originally matched to each particular camera when they were made by Kodak, which is why the original rail will have the same number on it as the number on the camera. Even if you're fortunate enough to find a rail by itself on ebay - which happens but not real often and they usually sell for a high price since so many seemed to get lost - you're not guaranteed of a perfect fit. All things considered - fit, comparative cost, waiting time trying to find one - you might be better off just having Richard make one for you.

Louis Pacilla
8-Mar-2010, 12:23
Hi Andy

I believe that Eddie Gunk has or recently had a 2D 8x10 extension rail for sale. It was posted in his eBay store. You could PM him here at the forum . Hope this helps & he has what your looking for.

8-Mar-2010, 13:08
Thanks Louis, I did see that, but it's the wrong type. His is the keyed type of rail and mine is screw type.

John Jarosz
10-Mar-2010, 07:39
I will check my parts bin for knobs tonight when I get home

10-Mar-2010, 09:27
Thanks John!!

John Jarosz
12-Mar-2010, 18:40
All I have left are the small knobs. But it you can use them, PM me with your address & I'll send em out.


19-Mar-2010, 06:42
For the record, I want to let everyone know that John Jarosz sent me, free of charge, and postage cost to himself, these knobs for my Kodak 2D. I offered to pay to at least cover expenses, and he declined. He is a class act indeed. I'll try to pay it forward if there is anything I can help others with.

Thanks again John.