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Matthew Runde
4-Jan-2002, 16:09
A friend just loaned me a Linhof Kardan "BI-SYSTEM" 4x5 while he's away. Most o f the movements are smooth as silk and easy to use. The only problem is that I' m having trouble figuring out how to use rise. The knobs that look as though th ey would control rise actually control the axial tilts. I've loosened them and attempted to raise the standards, but with no luck. The standards appear to be at their lowest settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

David R Munson
4-Jan-2002, 16:32
The two black, ribbed sections of the standards on either side of the lensboard/bellows holder twist counterclockwise (as seen from above) to loosen and allow rise. When you have the rise you need, turn them back the other way to lock down the movement. It caught me off guard when I first got my Bi, but once I got used to it, it became almost intuitive.

Bob Salomon
4-Jan-2002, 17:57
Beside David's answer you might like to know that the 3.3" of front and rear rise can be extended to 6.6" with the addition of a set of extenders.

You should also know that anything that fits on the front or rear standard of your B is the same as those that fit the GT and GTL models (lensboards, ground glass, compendiums, fresnel, viewing devices, conversion backs to 810, etc.)

Anything that fits the rail of the B is not available and has not been for several years. That would include rail clamps, rail extensions and auxialliry standard. The later geared rails and their accessories can not fit the B system.

The one last point you may find is that if you do a rear center tilt on the B with the back in a horizontal position you can not pull out the darkslide. Also most, if not all, Polaroid backs will not fit as they will be blocked by the U frame.

To eliminate this problem Linhof made a Polaroid Spacer for the rear standard. This moves the film back rearward by about .7". In later cameras using the U standard the position of the U was changed so this was no longer the case.

If your camera already has the spacer you will see 2 snap locks on the top of the rear standard. If it does not there is only one.

Enjoy your camera and let us know if you have other questions.

Matthew Runde
5-Jan-2002, 01:45
Many, many thanks.

Also, I've found that raising the standards is not the only way to create rise. I remembered reading that you can tilt the rail backward and then use forward base tilts to create rise. I did it without any problem.

Another way would be to turn the camera on its side, rotate the ground glass, and use shift. This technique would also make it easier to use fall. I haven't attempted this one.

Bob, it occurred to me that I could use axial tilts on the rear standard (without extra gear) if I turned the camera on its side, rotated the ground glass, and used swing. I don't know if this could be done when using a Polaroid holder. My friend didn't include one.

Do you think that there would be any problems brought up by turning the (heavy) thing on its side for either of these?

Bob Salomon
5-Jan-2002, 07:23
As long as you have a strong tripod head the camera was regulalry used on its side.