View Full Version : Regular Outage Sunday Morning

Tom Westbrook
6-Mar-2010, 12:16
We have regular outages quarterly (see the forum calendar), next of which will occur tomorrow morning. We may need to extend it so we can try to fix that slow posting issue that's been annoying everyone.

The outage is scheduled to begin at 6AM Central (GMT-6) and should be done by 7:30 or later if needed. I'll update the message if it looks like it'll be much longer than that.

Sorry for the inconvenience & thanks for your patience!

8-Mar-2010, 23:02
My RSS feed still doesn't work!

Ralph Barker
13-Mar-2010, 07:12
My RSS feed still doesn't work!

You should contact Tom directly (left click on his name to see PM and e-mail options).

Tom Westbrook
13-Mar-2010, 07:28
My RSS feed still doesn't work!

I think I found the RSS issue. Try it again and PM me if it still isn't working for you.