View Full Version : Busch pressman D...worthwhile upgrade to Speed graphic?

6-Mar-2010, 10:58
There is somebody local looking to sell a Busch pressmann D, supposedly in good condition, with a rodenstock 127mm lens and working shutter, for $100. This is pretty cheap. I already have working Pacemaker Speed Graphic with a Tominon 127 lens in a polaroid self-cocking shutter. I have been wanting to get a camera with more movements and I understand that the Pressman does. Suppose I buy this camera and sell my speed graphic; what will I miss about the speed graphic?

Nevermind, I just realized it does not have a FP shutter, which I need at least some of the time. It may be nearly worth it for the lens however.

Robert Hughes
6-Mar-2010, 11:50
Busch Pressman is a nice camera. As for better or worse than a Speed Graphic? It doesn't have an FP shutter, as you note. But it's sturdy and has a metal case; you could run over it with a car and keep working with it. And I like the cammed rangefinder.

Dan Fromm
6-Mar-2010, 13:03
Cammed RF? Tell me more. I thought that the 4x5 Pressman had a Kalarts or nothing.

Glenn Thoreson
6-Mar-2010, 13:13
The late D models had a proprietary setup called the VueFocus. I don't know if these used interchageable cams. I haven't ever heard of cams for them.

Brian Schall
6-Mar-2010, 19:09
The Pressman also has a rotating back, the Graphics don't. That alone was enough for me to but one originally. I've since moved up to a true field camera, Tachihara.

However, the Pressman doesn't have a grafloc back. Might mean something if you want to use roll film backs.

6-Mar-2010, 19:22
It's got better front movements than a Crown or Speed...
The lensboards are also much smaller than a Crown/Speed/Super Graphic. Limiting lens choices.
Also boards are harder to find.
Still a cool press camera.
Rotating back is why I bought a Super Graphic.
Sounds like a good price, if you don't love it, you should be able to resell it.

Roger Thoms
6-Mar-2010, 19:49
$100 sounds like a good deal, I'd definitely check it out. I have a Speed, but miss having a rotating back.

10-Mar-2010, 21:39
I have model D and stripped it down for field use and ground
glass only focusing by removing the RF and the flash mount bracket.

The cam is actually part of the focus rail and is set. It cannot be changed and is designed for the 135mm focal length. Mine came with a Schneider Xenar 135.

At only $100 why not keep both cameras. If you do not warm to the D then I am sure you would sell it a profit.

Mine cost AUD$200 and then I lashed out and had a set of new bellows made for AUD$350. It will now outlast me.


Jim Noel
10-Mar-2010, 23:25
You might also look for a B&J Press. They have the advantages of a Busch with a nice size and easily made lens board.