View Full Version : Ilex Lens help please

5-Mar-2010, 16:07
I am just getting my feet wet in 4x5 but could not resist a great deal on an old 8x10 view camera with an Ilex Optical no. 4 Acme Synchro 14in F:9 lens. I want to do landscape photography and do not yet have any film to play with. Is this lens, assuming the glass is good, which it looks good, and shutter is accurate, a decent lens? Or should I be shopping for a better used lens?


5-Mar-2010, 17:21
You definitely have an Ilex shutter, but does the lens also have the Ilex name engraved on it? It's probably a process lens at f/9 and maybe an Ilex Process Paragon. Go forth and shoot; I'm sure the lens is fine and a good start to your 8x10 adventure.

Glenn Thoreson
6-Mar-2010, 13:23
No one can determine if a lens is bad but the user. Some folks go to great lengths to achieve artisic badness. Others want everything eyeball scratching sharp. There's no good or bad, in other words. It's all in how you look at it. :D

10-Mar-2010, 20:48
My concern at f9 is focusing in low light. I have a Ilex-Calumet (8 1/2in f4.8) which I quite like