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martti lappalainen
3-Jan-2002, 14:33
Hi, Does anyone know if a Schneider Super Angulon 75/8 manufactured in Mars 1967 is multicoated or not? Is it a suitable lens for a 4x5 camera if one wants make use of lens movements? Thank you, /Martti

Brian Ellis
3-Jan-2002, 15:21
If you have access to the lens, just look at the front element. If it's multicoated it will say "multicoated," usually (perhaps always) in red letters around the rim of the front element. If you don't have the lens, I believe you can obtain this information from Schneider's web page, at least if you have the serial number.

Kerry L. Thalmann
3-Jan-2002, 15:51

No lens made in 1967 will be multicoated. Acording to the Schneider web site:

"The first Symmar-S lens to be multi-coated was the Symmar-S 150mm, serial numbe r 13,014,862 in March 1977. The 210mm followed and then the rest of the focal le ngths were completed by early 1978. The Super-Angulons were multi-coated in the summer of 1978 beginning with the f/5.6 series. The f/8 lenses were multi-coated in late '78- early '79."

I have never seen a multicoated 75mm f8 Super Angulon (or a multicoated 47mm f8 or 65mm f8 Super Angulon). I believe the shorter f8 Super Angulons were discont inued before they began multicoating the remaining members of the f8 Super Angul on series (90mm, 120mm, 165mm and 210mm) in 1978.

Also from the Schneider web site (and in agreement with Brian's comments):

"If your lens says "multi-coating" on it, then it has a multi-coating. If your l ens does not have this designation, then it does not have a multi-coating on it. "

These comments, and more can be found at:



Andre Noble
3-Jan-2002, 20:31

Andre Noble
3-Jan-2002, 20:32
My bad. "March", I'm sure.

Charlie Skelton
4-Jan-2002, 07:21
Martti, Regarding the 75mm SA, I have one of these of about the same vintage as yours. It's a great performer and does give fair movements on 4x5 covering about 200mm. Cheers Charlie