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Matthew Hoag
2-Jan-2002, 20:03
I am looking to purchase a used 11x14 folding camera. New is too expensive. I have been watching ebay and there have been a couple of 11x14 studio cameras but I'd like to take it into the field. No luck on Photo.net either. Does anyone know where I might have a better chance of finding one?

Many thanks,


Jay M. Packer
2-Jan-2002, 20:52

Midwest Photo has a used 11x14 Burke & James advertised on their website for $1,450 (it's listed in their "8x10" section). See


Good luck.

-- Jay Packer

Ed Burlew
2-Jan-2002, 21:17
A freind has a 11x14 deardorf studio camera and three film holders for about 1200 CDN. Is massive. Not a folding field camera, are you interested?

William D. Bartels
2-Jan-2002, 23:26
keep watching ebay. There was a seller who had 7x17 and 8x20 Koronas up for auction. I emailed him with questions and he said he also has an 11x14 he is going to put up. He may be high on price however, he did not sell either of the other cameras.

Jorge Gasteazoro
2-Jan-2002, 23:50
Bill that guy has had the 7x17 on sale for the past year....he wants 1000 dollars for a camera that is worth about $600 to $700.....this is why he never sells it. On the other hand I saw another Korona 7x17 with 3 lenses and tripod go for $1300 .....shame I lost on that one...:-((

David A. Goldfarb
3-Jan-2002, 00:03
Yeah, I had my eye on the 7x17" too. Might have gone for it if it had two filmholders in the deal.

Jorge Gasteazoro
3-Jan-2002, 00:22
David, Yeah....I don't understand this guy, unless he paid way too much for this camera he should have gotten the hint by now that he is asking way too much for this camera....I once emailed him and offered 700, I was refused, so I guess he is adamant about the price.