View Full Version : bellows,light leaks

anthony marsh
1-Mar-2010, 12:25
I have a kodak monitor 616 and the bellows have pinholes at the corners.Is there a way to correct this? If not does anyone know who might replace the bellows at a reasonable cost,thanks,Tony

Eric Woodbury
1-Mar-2010, 12:32
I've used black Plastic Rubber. Comes in a tube at the auto parts store.

1-Mar-2010, 12:37
I've used Black Photographic tape (on the Inside). Works well for small holes.

Chauncey Walden
1-Mar-2010, 18:39
If it is anything like my Monitors, it will have a lot more pinholes than just at the corners. Kodak's best folders and its worst bellows, go figure. Anyway I coated mine with Plastidip. The Plastidip has to be diluted 15% with naphtha and applied in several thin coats with plenty of drying time between. Then, keep the bellows extended for several days to get everything good and dry and it won't stick.

anthony marsh
1-Mar-2010, 20:30
Chauncey,where will I find Plastidip?,Tony

1-Mar-2010, 22:12
Home Depot, Lowe's, any decent hardware store...