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Robert Norton
2-Jan-2002, 12:26
This is my first time here so please excuse me if this post is in the wrong plac e.

These are my favorite web sites of photographers who IMHO are leaders in their c hosen field. I always find their work to be inspirational.

http://www.charlescramer.com http://www.fatali.com http://www.nigelturnerphotography.com http://www.christopherburkett.com

Chad Jarvis
2-Jan-2002, 20:56
I think many of us are inspired by Fatali and Nigel. :^)

mark lindsey
2-Jan-2002, 21:05
I find fatali very illuminating!! :)

Denise Langton
3-Jan-2002, 20:56
all four of the above sites are far more 'illuminating' than yours mark. so where does that leave you? Denise

Sal Santamaura
4-Jan-2002, 12:37
Denise, you may not be aware of some "events." Read the first posting in this thread: