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bal hazard
23-Feb-2010, 00:11
I have been using Sinar F2 4x5 for a long time with wide angle lenses and bag bellows to photograph architecture. I am no wiz technically and consider myself an intuitive worker.

Now, I am using more normal and slightly telephoto lenses (150 and 210mmm) and when I tilt the camera to about 45 degrees and then try to bring the front and rear standards into parallel at 90 degrees to correct the perspective, the compaction of the standard bellows makes tilting the rear standard to 90 degrees quite difficult. The camera is stressed and rear shift becomes unavailable.

So what to do? Should I take an 8x10 bag bellows and somehow adapt it to 4x5?

Has anyone solved this problem? I hope I am describing my issue adequately.

Thanks in advance.

23-Feb-2010, 06:39
Find a Sinar 4 x 5 bag bellows.

bal hazard
23-Feb-2010, 12:16
But the 4x5 Sinar bag bellows I have does not allow for enough distance between the front and rear standard when using these lenses ( 150 and 210mm) with the subjects in question. The bag bellows simply does not have enough fabric and that is why I wondered if anyone had modified the bag bellows for use with longer lenses.

23-Feb-2010, 12:42
Could link two bag bellows together with one of those frames meant for the purpose? It will probably need support in the middle. Not a cheap solution either.

23-Feb-2010, 12:48
The answer's in your title, contact Custom Bellows (http://www.custombellows.co.uk/) and see what they suggest.

They made me some bag bellows for a Whole plate/Half plate/5x4 camera back in 1976 and they are still in great condition.


Bob McCarthy
23-Feb-2010, 13:52
Just buy a standard bellows off of ebay. strong durable and cheap.

!50mm to 300mm will all work fine.

As to the huge amount of rise your planning to use, how are you covering with longer focal length types ie plasmats or tessars. The lens image circle is not nearly large enough to cover the film is my experience.

My sinar(F) bag bellows does work with a 150..

No lens I have will comply with that amount of rise. Unless its a macro shot I guess.


bal hazard
23-Feb-2010, 22:23
For example, when I use a 150mm Super Symmar HM stopped down to F32 with extreme rise, the bellows compacting problem occurs before vignette occurs.

Thanks for for sharing your thoughts.

neil poulsen
24-Feb-2010, 09:19
Will your lens cover? That's over a 4" rise on your 150mm.

Bob McCarthy
24-Feb-2010, 10:05
Try a 120mm Nikon SW with your current Bag bellows is the only thought I could offer. I don;t know how your getting away with that much rise with even superwides. Light fall off one edge to other must be significant.

Use a 65/75 and crop would be another way.