View Full Version : Kodak 2-D 8x10 to 5x7 Reducing Back - Use as is or Restore it first?

Jay Decker
21-Feb-2010, 14:07
With a new ground glass this back is usable as it is right now, though the indexing pins are loose. The camera that I will be using this reducing back with has been restored and is pretty "tight" for a vintage camera. Will using worn reducing back appreciable increase the risk of damaging the Kodak 2-D camera? Any other reason to restore this reducing back prior to using it? Have a good thread/website to recommend on camera restoration that covers wood and brass restoration well?





Michael Roberts
21-Feb-2010, 17:21
Hi Jay,
Not to toot my own horn, but I hope some of the tips on this thread will help you out:


Basically, get some Formby's or Minwax brand Antique Furniture Refinisher to strip off the old finish. You may also want to sand some to get all the old finish off. Then you can use a varnish or Tung oil as a new finish.

Your 5x7 back should clean up really well.

21-Feb-2010, 18:33
If it is mechanically OK and just in need of a cosmetic restoration, I'd just use it as is for a while to make sure it is what I wanted and worth the effort of a restoration. (Maybe you will find it a 'pain' and just easier to crop :) ) Putting it in use will also bring out mechanical weaknesses that you can address when it is all apart for refinish. Then I'd give it a total re-finish.