View Full Version : Which Lee adapter ring?

Paul O
21-Feb-2010, 06:11
Hello to all! I wondered if anyone was using a Lee Filter system with a Schneider 110mm XL whilst also using the Centre Filter 3b (uses an 86mm outer filter thread)? I'm not sure whether to purchase an 86mm standard Lee adapter ring (approx 38 GBP) or is there a need to lay out on a 100mm Push On Filter Holder and associated donut spacer ring (a total of 120 GBP)? Any opinions?

Phil Hudson
22-Feb-2010, 00:24
Hi Paul,

if you are using the centre-filter on the 110XL then I assume that you are using it for bigger than 5x4? In which case the angle of view on 5x7 (or 10x8 or whatever) may well be great enough to need the Lee push-on kit.

The Lee 86mm adapter is not a wide angle type so will add to the stacked effect along with the holder itself......might not be worth the risk of limiting your movements, plus the vignetting won't show until you are stopped right down and ready to take!

Paul O
22-Feb-2010, 09:01
That's what I'm thinking!! I'm using it on 5x7/6x17 so it looks like I'll have to raid the piggy bank!