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Kurt M.
20-Feb-2010, 00:35
Hi all, I have a Nikkor 75mm, and a Technika V. I tried placing the lens on the camera, but I can't get infinity focus if I don't move the bed to maybe a 30deg fall (or 45 deg). Then still, the rail carrying the lens won't move the lens along. I also have some infinity stops for 75 that seem to be off, does anyone have any tips how to address the focusing issue?



20-Feb-2010, 01:32
It's been a long time since I had a Super Technika V. I had a 65mm Super Angulon with it, and I remember that a recessed board was required, and the lens moved to the track inside the body. Then the bed had to be dropped two or three notches to get it out of the way. Linhof used to sell something called a wide-angle focusing device that was used to focus such lenses. At that time I asked many people to get it for me from the US or Germany (this was before the internet and eBay :) ), but I never did get one. Focusing was very tedious, with me trying to move the lens in millimeters.

There are some cheap focusing helicals on eBay. You might try one to see if it suits you.


20-Feb-2010, 16:50
How I use the 75mm on my Master Technika:

Recessed board used.

Bed kept flat so that the entire rail system (both outer and inner) remains in-line.

Apply some front rise to keep front platform out of image. The Master has a top flap to accommodate adding rise without binding on the camera body... you might need a center-drilled board instead of a bottom-drilled board to allow enough rise on the V (unsure about this).

Camera back kept in horizontal format... entire camera must be rotated 90-degrees for verticals, or platform will be in image.

Not sure about the reliability of the cheap helical units on eBay... occasionally one will see Linhof wide angle devices used on eBay.

Len Middleton
22-Feb-2010, 12:34

I have a 75 f5.6 S-A on a recessed board for my Tech V.

The focusing rails can be extended or retracted by pushing down the spring tabs on the right hand side of the rail (when viewed from behind the camera). The front one allows it to be extended, the rear one allows it to be retracted and aligns with the rail inside the body of the camera.

Moving the front standard onto the rail and leaving the rail in the rear position does provide infinity focus, and closer focus is available through the usual focusing method.

I have a set of stops for it to locate it at its infinity position, but without a cam for it I typically use the ground galss, although I could use the distance scales as well.

Hope that helps,