View Full Version : Nikon F mount lenses on 4x5?

Mike Anderson
19-Feb-2010, 08:15
On the auction site there's a lens board with a Nikon F mount attached and reversing ring so you can use lenses intended for Nikon 35mm cameras. Anyone see any use for this?

About me:
* I'm new to LF
* I want to try weird stuff - I like Susan Burnstine
* I have lots of manual focus Nikon F-mount lenses
* I have a Calumet wide camera that can get the lens board very close to the film.



Francisco Disilvestro
19-Feb-2010, 08:26
Maybe for high magnification macro work.

Ken Lee
19-Feb-2010, 08:37
If the image circle is 2 inches at infinity, it becomes 4 inches at 1:1 magnification. A little closer, and you could fill a 4x5 frame.

With some cardboard and duct tape, you can make your own lens board and adapter - at least on a trial basis. Why not experiment ?

Nathan Potter
19-Feb-2010, 18:19
With enough bellows extension the Nikon becomes a microscope objective and can even cover 20 X24 and larger! Of course the image resolution at the film plane gets progressively poorer and the light dimmer as the magnification increases. But it's fun to fool around.

Nate Potter, Austin TX.

Ernest Purdum
19-Feb-2010, 18:29
There are several Nikon F mount lenses that have a decent reputation when used for macro shooting. Forget telephotos and wide angles. If the lens is symmetrical (which few will be) try it mounted normally, but most will need to be reverse mounted. Like Nate suggests, have fun.