View Full Version : New speed graphic case

18-Feb-2010, 17:51
$24 at Home Depot. Aluminum.


I can put in more divider and have room for a lens or two above the camera. I have camera, plenty of film, light meter, dark cloth under the film, room to spare.

Good enough case for any use but outdoor adventuring or commercial flying checked baggage.

It's just nice enough looking to keep things presentable, but not showy like a halliburton or bright pelican case, so it's safe in my car without attracting undue attention.

18-Feb-2010, 18:50
I've been using the same exact case for years -- works fine. Nowadays, I use it to hold film boxes, holders, and a dark bag for reloading in the car.

If you ever feel like you need additional padding inside, a set of Pelican 1505 padded dividers fits perfectly.

18-Feb-2010, 19:35
Mine (TRF Crown) drops nicely into a Domke F2 bag.

Peter Collins
18-Feb-2010, 20:04
What Brett Simison said above. It's a great case at the price. Changing bag, film, boxes and and extra holders in mine. Used 4x5 film boxes lettered "N," "N+1," etc.