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Scott Hoerner
31-Dec-2001, 12:01
This board is a godsend for newbies like me. I am assembling my basic lens pack age for 4x5. I already have a 150 and 240. I plan on getting a 450 this summer . In the mean time I am looking to get a wide angle lens. I have heard great t hings about the Nikkor 90mm f8 and found the wonderful test results on Kerry Tha lman's site. I am also interested in the Super Symmar 80xl for its large aperat ure and light weight. However, I saw some mixed reviews and results of this len s posted a while back. Has anyone been using this lens (80xl)recently that can add their comments on its performance? Have the more recent production runs had better quality.

I am generally impressed by the color rendition of schneider lenses based on my experience with my Linhof 617 and Silvestri systems. Thanks for your help

Dr. Dan
31-Dec-2001, 21:28
I've been playing with my new SS 80XL for about two months now. No problems focusing at 4.5 and painfully sharp at f22.

neil poulsen
1-Jan-2002, 22:49
What are you planning on photographing? Is it landscape, architecture, etc?

If you're going to get a wide-angle, and are interested in the Super-Symmar XL's, why not get the 110mm. I've heard great things about this lens. It's a matter of personal preference, but for landscape, I much prefer a moderate wide-angle. For me, the 90mm is a special purpose lens.

However, for architecture, the 90mm is the mainstream lens to own, followed by a 75mm and the 120mm (or 110mm).