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James Phillips
30-Dec-2001, 11:51
    In an earlier thread another person asked if you have ever bo ught any prints from the photographers that you may have exchanged information w ith on this site or perhaps visited their websites. I have been giving that a gr eat deal of thought and it has also occurred to me that not only are some of the contributors to these threads impressive artists and successful photographer s but they have also become webmasters and digital technicians in order to be able to present their work on a website.

  In recognition of the fact that many hours of dedicated and hard work go into pr esenting a successful website I have decided to start this thread and encourage anybody who has viewed a website that they consider to be of the highest standar ds to add to this thread. I myself have visited a few but the site that most com es to mind is Paul Schilliger?s website where he presents some very beautiful im ages as well as shows his professionalism in a aesthetically pleasing and artistic manner or his website.

Paul Schilliger?s w ebsite (http://www.paulschilliger.com/" target="_blank)

Happy New Year with the best of light in your future,


Frank Lahorgue
30-Dec-2001, 12:46
I'd like to underscore your selection of Paul Schilliger's site. Here are several more:

Phil Bard www.philbard.com Ernie Braun www.ernestbraun.com Bob McClelland, 2 www.kernowimages.co.uk www.marscovista.com Chris Jordan www.chrisjordanphoto.com

Thanks for suggesting this topic.

Frank Lahorgue
30-Dec-2001, 12:51
Sorry this software didn't like how I entered the information above. I'll try again:

Phil Bard -- www.philbard.com --

Ernie Braun -- www.ernestbraun.com --

two for Bob McClelland -- www.kernowimages.co.uk -- www.marscovista.com --

Chris Jordan -- www.chrisjordanphoto.com --

Sandy Sorlien
30-Dec-2001, 13:41
Carl Weese has a very nice site, black & white and platinum images including 6x17 format


scott jones
30-Dec-2001, 13:48
Phil Harris' great site at www.pictureheadpress.com

Jay M. Packer
30-Dec-2001, 13:56
Butch Welch has some elegant images at his website:


Bill Smith
30-Dec-2001, 15:36
For anyone that has not visisted David Kennedy's website, please make a visit today. It has some of the finest platinum images I have seen.



30-Dec-2001, 18:23
Take a look at Robert Paradis' site


David Brown
30-Dec-2001, 18:26
Clyde Butcher (http://www.clydebutcher.com/) and Tony Ryan (http://www.beauty-reality.com/) are among my favorites.

30-Dec-2001, 19:52
my favorite place to view photographs on the web is by doing a 'titles and descriptions' search for "albumen" on ebay. a great resource for those who like 19th and early 20th century work is - http://www.iphotocentral.com/search/photographer_list.php

Jose Luiz Vasconcellos
30-Dec-2001, 21:14
I know you will like:

Bas Hoeben's Photo Site at http://members.tripod.com/~photobas/

Steve Nicholls Photography at http://www.chariot.net.au/~gl1500/

Rob Gray landscape photography at http://www.robgray.com/

Greetings from Brazil...

Jose Luiz Vasconcellos
30-Dec-2001, 21:21
And a Peruvian and a brasilian photographers:

MARTIN CHAMBI at http://garnet.berkeley.edu/~dolorier/Chambidoc.html

Cassio Vasconcellos at http://www.cassiovasconcellos.com/

Jose Luiz Vasconcellos
30-Dec-2001, 21:44
Two more from Brazil, the cosmopolitan Clicio Barroso at

http://www.clicio.com.br/ and one of our most impressives photojornalists, Evandro Teixeira (inspiring work about CANUDOS, a poor region of our country) at http://www.evandroteixeira.net/

Andrea Quatrinni from Italy with many links to anothers photographers at http://www.andreaquattrini.com/ and finally, of course the wonderful platinum work of Gary Auerbach at http://www.platinumphotographer.com/

David A. Goldfarb
30-Dec-2001, 22:35
A few not yet mentioned from my bookmarks:

E.H. Johnson, who seems to be an amateur travel photographer in the best sense of the word, working it seems mostly in medium format--http://www.ehjohnson.com/index.htm

Michael A. Smith (who has been active here of late) and Paula Chamlee are at--www.michaelandpaula.com

Elsa Dorfman of 20x24 Polaroid fame is at--elsa.photo.net

Paul Schilliger
31-Dec-2001, 05:35
Thanks for your kind comments, GreyWolf. Here are some links from photographers I know in my country:

www.salekphotography.com My friend Emil Salek's website with exquisite color ph otographs

www.maraini.com Silvio Maraini beautiful B&W photography

www.gerardbonnet.ch Other friend Gerard Bonnet, with recent french interview on line.

Ross Martin
2-Jan-2002, 02:01
Happy New Year to all!

I also highly recommend Paul Schilliger's wonderful website--the beauty of his work is breathtaking and is easily on par with such greats as Christopher Burkett. Also, you may enjoy the vision of my best friend, Slavomir Dzieciatkowski, who shoots lovely 6x7cm color images of the Pacific Northwest and beyond, and right now he's offering a drawing for a free Colorado aspen Lightjet print. His site is:


Best regards,

Paul Schilliger
2-Jan-2002, 09:53
Ross, if you were trying to make me blush, you succeeded! I second your choice o f Slavomir's website. Here are another two:

Adam Gibbs http://www3.telus.net/agibbsphoto/

and of course ;-) http://www.rossmartinimages.com/

chris jordan
2-Jan-2002, 14:40
hello! happy new year to all. thanks for the nice comment on my website.

one of my favorites is


this is an incredible page of night photography by many people; click on ALL the links-there's some amazing night work being done out there.

warm regards to all,

~chris jordan (Seattle)