View Full Version : Ries H600 wooden tripod construction

Ian David
17-Feb-2010, 03:16
I have posted this query also in another forum, so apologies if you see it twice!

I am interested in seeing how the Ries "backpacker" model tripods (eg H600, J600) are put together. Maybe it's just me, but I am having trouble finding photos of these online, and I have never seen one in the flesh. The Ries website seems a little primitive in this respect...
Judging by their specs, it sounds like these tripods are effectively 3-segment.
Can anybody shed any light on this for me or, even better, post a photo or two?

Many thanks

R Mann
17-Feb-2010, 03:49
The leg inserts are in two equal length parts - they screw together - the main upper tripod legs are a little shorter than the standard ones - you can also use a regular length leg (or make one from a dowel). Hardware is the same.

Ian David
19-Feb-2010, 03:09
Thanks for the info.
So, when the tripod is being carried, does this mean that the unscrewed leg sections are loose in the carry bag?

R Mann
19-Feb-2010, 03:53
Yes, if you want it compact - otherwise, its like any other tripod. The Ries bag has pockets to slip the leg sections in so they don't rattle around. But, I think if I were going to get a Ries - I would get the regular model and live with its length. I have owned both, and don't see much advantage to the two section legs unless you were trying to fit it into luggage for airline travel.

Ian David
19-Feb-2010, 04:51
OK - thanks very much for your thoughts.