View Full Version : Misc. Odds and Ends

16-Feb-2010, 19:08
My shopping list:

Found a couple of used lenses 90 and 210. -Sweet! :D

Ordered some B&W film from Freestyle.

4x5 Camera and lens boards on order from Chamonix

Bought myself a hand-held meter

Need to get:

Dark cloth, cable releases and loupe

I'm leaning towards a Peak 4x loupe. Haven't decided about the dark cloth. Probably a blackjacket. Tripod is taken care of but I may decide to get a geared head.

Cable releases: Hmm ... Do these need to be a certain length. Does it matter if they are cloth covered/vinyl ?

Vick Vickery
16-Feb-2010, 22:08
Cable release length tends to be a matter of personal likes and dislikes...I prefer one about a foot long, but I have cables from 6" to 30" in my collection. I prefer the vinyl covered ones, but, again, I have both...the vinyl covered ones that I have are a little heavier duty and don't flop around as much.

J D Clark
16-Feb-2010, 23:37
Personal preference. I like the cloth covered ones about 10 inches, Vick above likes vinyl ones. You'll also find a difference of opinion on whether to have one attached to each lens, or added to the lens after mounting on the camera. I prefer the former...

John Clark