View Full Version : Recoating or multicoating a Plasmat

Ivan J. Eberle
16-Feb-2010, 16:51
I have a chance to buy a rarity, which ostensibly has only a coating defect. In addition to coating, the front elements of this Plasmat will also need de-cemented and re-cemented, I expect (Is that an accurate assumption?).

Is there anyone left still standing that does a good job of this in the USA? What should I expect to pay for this?

Need responses ASAP before I take the plunge, thanks!

Steve Hamley
16-Feb-2010, 16:59

John van Stelton at Focal Point.


There is some risk to the lens though.

Cheers, Steve

Dan Fromm
16-Feb-2010, 17:03

Odds are that you can buy one in good shape for less than Focal Point will charge for dismantling, polishing, and recoating. But check.