View Full Version : some help with my dallmeyer SF adjustment please

16-Feb-2010, 14:06
hey all,

i just got a real nice dallmeyer 5d in aluminum barrel. problem is the SF is stuck.

i can not figure out how it turns the flint glass. i can get the rear element out of the barrel after removing the small set screw. i can get the crown glass out of teh rear assembly. i just can not get the crown glass to budge.

if i could figure out what the outer barrel (with the set screw installed) is to turn this will really help. it may be an exercise in futility as we all know how aluminum oxidizes and sticks. i have added some machine oil and some heat and cooling from a hair dryer but i get nothing but a giggling sound coming from the stuck piece! if i could figure which piece is to move that would help.

the 1st picture is of the crown glass with the flint glass laid on it from the side it would install from. the 2nd is of the small set screw hole in the threads. this would be how the barrel turns the flint glass. but you can see in the 3rd photo shows the set screw hole from the inside. the 4th photo shows the space that is between the flint glass and the threads.....how does it move the flint glass? will the flint glass unscrew from the rear assembly? anyone got photos of the rear assembly all taken apart? maybe a movie on what is moving and how?

it seems like the set screw should be moving the inner threads around the flint glass making it move up and back. but i can not see how this happens. i can not make that set screw and the attached threads move in any way....not even with the barrel in place. any more force will just shear off the set screw for sure. what am i missing?

thanks for the help.


Louis Pacilla
16-Feb-2010, 16:46
Hi Bro

Nice find.

This is a 4A of the same type. I have turned the barrel two or three revolutions to expose the threads or split. I hope this helps.


I'm not sure if this helps but It took me a while to figure where the thing was supposed to split when turned'

lot's of times folks have frozen Dallmeyers & they wind up unscrewing the barrel thinking its splitting the elements.

I have a 3A that's frozen & I can't see these threads because it was turned all the way in when it froze.

17-Feb-2010, 04:47
thanks louis but what part is moving on the inside? this is what i am having trouble envisioning.