View Full Version : Schneider Symmar-S 135mm Value

16-Feb-2010, 10:51
I want to sell this lens as I have another that I use at this focal length. I want to sell it on this forum at a fair price but I do not kow what the current value is. The serial number is 12990922 which puts the date of manufacture circa 1974. The glass has no dust scratches, cleaning marks, of fungus. The shutter is a Copal #0. I have taken images successfully using shutter speeds 1/2 to 1/250 but the shutter is untested as to actual speeds at each setting. I have not used the 1 second or 1/500 shutter speeds. Would anyone care to share an opinion as to its value?

Jack Dahlgren
16-Feb-2010, 11:19
I bought a Symmar-S 135mm MC three months ago for $175.
It had some minor schneideritis. If yours is multi-coated I think it would sell quickly at $200-250.

16-Feb-2010, 12:29
I bought a Caltar Symmar-S 135 MC in great condition with a tiny bit of dust in between elements for $165 from KEH, it was in BGN condition but as usual thats closer to EX on ebay. Shutter (Copal 0) is perfect.
I understand the Caltar name normally knocks the price down a few notches, so Jacks suggestion is probably sound.

Great lens by the way, wide enough to not be a plain normal, but still a great GG image especially for a beginner.