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15-Feb-2010, 20:31
So I finally got around to actually making some images with my LF gear and I'd thought I'd share my first attempts.

Tech Details:
Calumet Red Bellowed Cadet 4X5
Caltar 150/6.3
Fuji FP-100B Instant Film
Scanned on a not so clean Canonscan LIDE 50

My very first large format image:


Funny it looks the same as my first darkroom print....

So no specifically LF noob mistake here, lens was closed before removing darkslide. Exposure set according to meter. The breakdown was with the idiot reading the meter. Apparently there is a world of difference between 1/60th@F22 and 60@F22.....

So after a well deserved facepalm by me about me we went 60S:


An actual image HUZZAH!

So the model (3 month old Abagael) was fast asleep and perfect still for all the setup, focusing, front fall, rear tilt, film holder insertion, etc for the first shot. BTW this all also included me trying to "direct" my assistant: 4 year old daughter Carmella. But the time between first exposure and second the model woke up.... So know you all know what a wiggly 3 month old looks like at 60S@F22.

After moving the setup and more focusing and such we snapped a picture of my lovely assistant (who was not pleased she couldn't push the cable release for her own photo), I give you "4 Year Old 2S@F11":


Finally the assistant felt she had completed her apprenticeship and was ready to hang out her own shingle. So with me acting as assistant I give you "Kiki the Unicorn":


Incidentally, I think Carmella does have the photobug, she is ALWAYS taking pictures of us and of her stuffed animals and spends a lot of time positioning and repositioning them before shooting. Even when she takes pictures of us she will often make us move or shift our hands or something after looking through the VF at us.

All in all I got some images, played with my new gear, and had some fun with my daughter. A very successful session in my book.


15-Feb-2010, 20:36
This is the best humoured, funniest first attempt post that has ever appeared on this site.

Gave me a big smile.

15-Feb-2010, 20:56
Don't you know that LF photography is SERIOUS BUSINESS!??!?? ;)

16-Feb-2010, 01:57
Hehe great work, good to see your having some fun with it, and making it a family event!

16-Feb-2010, 02:20
Great first shots! :)

(Is there a focusing problem? The focus is always too far away in these shots.)

16-Feb-2010, 02:39
I have a image similar to your top one. I call it, "Lost in the 0 Zone".

Have lots of fun!


Jim Cole
16-Feb-2010, 06:34
Thanks for the entertainment! Can't argue with a good time and success.

Robert Hughes
16-Feb-2010, 09:43
That's what you get for using a no-name lens like a Caltar. If you'd just use a Rodenstock Apo your photos would look so much more, er... more!