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anthony marsh
15-Feb-2010, 20:25
Information about these two lenses.I'm new to LF and have gained a lot of information so far on this forum.First lens;Ilex Paragon anastigmat 7 1/2" f 4.5 in ACME SYNCHRO.I got this lens with the purchase of a GRAPHIC VIEW 4x5 but it seems too short to be a "normal" lens.How usable is it and is it a quality lens? The second is a WOLLENSAK 4 1/4" f 6.8 RAPTAR wide angle in RAPAX synchromatic.Again usable with 4x5 and is it a quality lens?

John Kasaian
15-Feb-2010, 22:02
Both are usable on your 4x5. If you want to crunch performance numbers click on the LF Home Page on the blue banner at the top of the page and follow links to the lens information---there are links to several excellent tables that cover current and classic glass.

Dan Fromm
16-Feb-2010, 03:58
6" is normal for 4x5.

Visit www.cameraeccentric.com, look at the catalogs posted there.

Mark Tweed
16-Feb-2010, 10:37
The 108mm Wollensak Wide Angle Raptar is a fine lens, I had one for many years. My sample produced incredibly sharp images, on par with with modern lenses around the same focal length (90mm Rodenstock Geronar, 105mm Fuji, 120mm Schneider Apo-Symmar). It has plenty of coverage, in fact it will cover 5X7 (but with little or no room for movements). The Paragon, a classic Tessar design has the potential to be very sharp when stopped down and offer a nice bokeh when shot wide open. The focal length you have will cover 4X5 nicely as the others pointed out.