View Full Version : Filter cases-What do you recommend

Scott Hoerner
30-Dec-2001, 21:24
I use Lee and Singh-Ray filters (4x4, 4x5, and 4x6) and am looking for a filter wallet that will hold those sizes. Anyone have any specific recommendations?

Bill Smith
30-Dec-2001, 21:26

I use two Lee filter pouches. These wallets zipper closed and have individual velvet sleeves to delicately hold 4x4 and 4x6 filters. The best I have seen.


jeff schraeder
31-Dec-2001, 10:06
I have been using CD cases for my 4x4 filters and they work well.

J. Wolfe
31-Dec-2001, 11:10
I use a Tupperware sandwich container for mounted gel filters. It's very durable and takes very little space in bag.

Julio Fernandez
1-Jan-2002, 23:07
Scott: The Lee pouches are good but not their cost. I found and alternative case that has several advantages such as compactness slightly greater rigidity and compactness than the Lee. They fit 4X6 filters, are zippered and lighter than CD plastic cases. You can put about 9-10 filters with cloth partitions in between to prevent filters from touching one another. I bought several of them from a distributor and have more than I need so I will put the others for sale in eBay soon.

Scott Hoerner
2-Jan-2002, 13:49
Julio, Who makes the case you are talking about?

Julio Fernandez
5-Jan-2002, 13:51
Scott: Sorry, I do not know. You will see how perfectly it fits the use from the photos that will be included. I just checked the Robert White price for the Lee cases, astronomical!