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r,l, Vigurs
13-Feb-2010, 21:05
I would like to purchase an orange or red filter, 67mm for my old Super-Angulon. This lens is an early non coated one. I don't have a lot to spend. Obviously, adding more glass, especially lesser quality glass to the front of a six element lens like this, could be detrimental to final image. Is an old Tiffen acceptable? There are new Chinese filters on the market, but I am concerned that a new poor quality glass in the front of my old German glass may degrade image. I would appreciate any response from you, on this site, who may have knowledge on this. Thanks, Robert

Mark Stahlke
13-Feb-2010, 21:17
Take a look at Calumet Camera's Sale and Clearence Center. (http://www.calumetphoto.com/onsale/Black+White+Contrast/Threaded+Filters/?page=1) They have some good deals on Calumet branded, multi-coated filters for B&W. I think these filters are manufactured by Hoya but I can't verify that.

r,l, Vigurs
13-Feb-2010, 22:01
Thanks Mark. Nice photos by the way. Robert

sun of sand
13-Feb-2010, 22:54
something tells me that on a piece of large film the loss a less than perfectly ideal filter creates isn't much to worry about

A swish is great but shooters roll scores the same amount of points

a lens itself degrades what is there so an old uncoated one will degrade even more and the film flatness can degra and lack of lens hood and the tripod and the operators techni and the

a filter? oh no lol

If the slight degradation is more obvious than the brilliance of the photograph you shouldn't worry about the filter

how can someone chastise a person for putting a cheap filter on their expensive lens and then say nothing is worse than a sharp picture of a fuzzy concept etc etc
If the photo is great it doesn't matter if there is any avoidable loss
If the photo isn't good the best filter in the world wouldn't have helped it

If you want to challenge yourself to make more swishes go get yourself a top of the line filter
otherwise youre just a posing dentist

16-Feb-2010, 05:23
I have observed less than perfect UV filters to reduce contrast (particularly depth of shadows) on high quality coated optics with color digital.

It's probably not as big a deal on an uncoated lens or B&W. 67 sounds like a cheap filter size; it's probably not too much to get a chinese filter to try and a quality filter as well. 67 is used by 35mm, so probably something nice like b+w or hoya isn't too much.

tom north
17-Feb-2010, 09:17
I have been finding some good deals on MC B-W filters on ebay. They work great. I've used cheap filters in the past and have found that once you use a good filter you will never go back.



erie patsellis
20-Feb-2010, 06:13
If image quality is an issue, rear mounted gelatins are your best bet.