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12-Feb-2010, 19:38
WTF (http://cgi.ebay.com/Steampunk-Century-Portrait-Camera-No-1-Computer-Desk_W0QQitemZ190372529520QQcmdZViewItemQQptZAntiques_Furniture?hash=item2c53164570)

Jim Edmond
12-Feb-2010, 19:39
You can say that again.

Darcy Cote
12-Feb-2010, 19:46
"there won't be another one exactly like it to be sold anytime soon"

Thats good!

Robert Hughes
12-Feb-2010, 19:51
Interestingly, the computer will be obsolete first...

12-Feb-2010, 19:53
How many pixels is that desk?

Ugly SOB, too.

Jim C.
12-Feb-2010, 21:39
I wondered how long it would take for someone to post it here,
at least if you have the money one could re-restore it back to
it's original state. It's still a happier ending than the camera
becoming fire wood.

12-Feb-2010, 22:28
Oh, I thought the Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot was referring to that ugly wallpaper.... I wonder if (s)he ducks under the dark cloth to avoid seeing it?


Steven Tribe
13-Feb-2010, 06:27
Tasteless vandalism.
I thought old singer sewing machine cast iron legs turned into table supports was bad, but this is 100 times worse. Nothing about this conversion has been a success.

13-Feb-2010, 06:34
Well, I think the swing/tilt for the screen is cool...!

Scott Knowles
13-Feb-2010, 06:38
Somebody should buy it and restore it back to the original camera, and advertise it as fixing a bad idea. What doesn't he understand the restored camera would have more than history and value than a computer desk no one will really use?

Steven Tribe
13-Feb-2010, 06:45
If you go through the guided tour of his/their house you will understand that his idea of "interesting objects" is more a personal "trip" than cultural value and aesthetic judgement. Should have been an artist (in the current meaning of the word).

Dan Fromm
13-Feb-2010, 06:48
Its a work o fart.

13-Feb-2010, 08:59
.....AND it has BRASS BALLS just like it's restorer.

W K Longcor
13-Feb-2010, 09:10
.....AND it has BRASS BALLS just like it's restorer.

NOT restoration -- vandalism!:mad:

brian d
13-Feb-2010, 10:20
NOT restoration -- vandalism!

That the best way to describe it, the person responsible should be ashamed of theirself

13-Feb-2010, 13:16
I like the keyboard, the rest not. Here are more keyboards:


Chris Strobel
13-Feb-2010, 13:58
Kinda re-defines the term web cam :D

Michael Cienfuegos
13-Feb-2010, 16:33
The person who did this should be horsewhipped, I'll go find a horse. :mad:

sun of sand
13-Feb-2010, 19:05
what else would he do with it? He did what he wanted
he owns it
call it whatever

I don't like the finials, angle brackets or the tower just sitting there underneath
it ain't mine
I think the typewriter keyboards are cool though I'd never buy one

I think many cameras have a certain steampunk character naturally
I don't know what that means
The submini cameras and such are very "engineered" looking
Tessina, Rolleiflex, Bolex/cine specials, the folders ..autographics etc even leicas a bit
wooden/steel/aluminum bodied view cameras with metal hinges, struts supports knobs, brass lenses with knobs and gearing and leather bellows and glass and


I think if this camera computer desk isn't considered a masterpiece creation it's only because it didn't go far enough
It's a sort of half-assed steampunk creation
view cameras are rather simple so unless you go to great complex sculptural lengths to make it what it certainly isn't this is as about as obviously !steampunk! as one will get

I think people have been watching a bit too much antiques roadshow

Brian Stein
15-Feb-2010, 19:23
Bruce-the-seller-vandal has got to be dreaming if he thinks that someone will pay $7.5k to buy it now!