View Full Version : Oriental Seagull available???

David Richhart
29-Dec-2001, 21:17
I was just going through my wish books, getting ready to order some supplies and I see that Freestyle does not have < Oriental Seagull, graded, fiber based > pa per listed in the latest book. It's not listed on the website either. The VC ver sion is still there, but that was not what I wanted!

Freestyle is also missing a lot of the unusual items that made them such a grea t rescource. Are they abandoning me??? Any other places to find the paper I want ???

Thanks in advance... -Dave

Neal Shields
29-Dec-2001, 22:04
My wife says B&H has it, and I never argue with my wife.


David A. Goldfarb
29-Dec-2001, 22:05
I've bought it from B&H.

Kevin Crisp
29-Dec-2001, 22:07
Dave: I was there a couple days ago, they do seem to have cut back on the Seagull varieties in favor of other brands. They have a very large assortment of papers. As I understand it, things got a little strained because Freestyle was supposed to have some exclusive right to market the paper, bought a ton of it in reliance on that, then found out lots of other people were selling it. (Told to me on a visit.) I don't remember seeing anything other than VC fiber when I was there, but since that is what I was there for I didn't look for anything else.

29-Dec-2001, 22:08
Dave, B+H photo in NY has graded Oriental paper available (it's listed on it's website) Go to www.bhphotovideo.com or give them a call at 800 606 6969.

Good luck,


Bob Salomon
29-Dec-2001, 22:28
The U.S. importer for Oriental is a company named Imageoligists. They are located in LA

Michael Feldman
30-Dec-2001, 00:48
Oriental lists their dealers at the following webpage; however, I have also seen it at other photo stores not listed: http://www.orientalphotousa.com/Dealers.htm

David Karp
30-Dec-2001, 17:36

They told me at Freestyle that they were no longer going to carry Oriental. I did not ask why. They are changing a lot of things there, cutting out the rental shop, dropping lots of products. It looks like they are concentrating on film, chemicals, darkroom supplies, inkjet and other digital media, etc.

Mel Pierce in Hollywood carries Oriental. I don't have the number handy, so check the yellow pages, call and ask for Mario. If they are out of stock he can get it for you quickly. Also in LA, Samy's carries it, although the main store was out of stock last time I was there. Try calling the Venice store if the main store is out.

Hope this helps.