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Darcy Cote
12-Feb-2010, 14:01
Made a bellows for my 4x5. Used quite thin ribs so could really fold flat. Results the bellows are a bit floppy at extension. Used pliobond for the adhesive. Will the bellows stiffen over time? Is the any spray ect. I can put on it to stiffen it up other than Viagra?


Peter K
12-Feb-2010, 14:15
I can put on it to stiffen it up other that Viagra?
Why not. :D

Many cameras like the older Technikas have a "bellows straightener", two hooks on the bellows and two little flaps at the front standard. For cameras on an optical bench bellows supports are aviable.

Every long bellows gets a "Basset belly" or is to stiff with short focal-lenghts. :confused:


Vick Vickery
12-Feb-2010, 19:24
Cut a little block of wood (or styrofoam if you want really light weight) to slip between the bellows and the base of your camera to give it a little support in the center when its extended enough to sag.

Jim C.
12-Feb-2010, 21:46
Not knowing what materials your bellows are constructed of
makes it hard to suggest anything to stiffen them at full extension.
Pete K's suggestion of hooks is good or gluing on tabs with eyelets
that you could pass something thru to use as a bellows support
at full extension.

Darcy Cote
13-Feb-2010, 15:44
all good recommendations. thanks.

The bellows is constructed of the material from porters cameras. I guess nylon with rubber on the inside. black cloth on inside.

Robert Hughes
16-Feb-2010, 08:10
I used to have a floppy bellows reader on my old PC. Is this a 5 1/4" or an 8"? :confused:

Brian Ellis
16-Feb-2010, 08:55
This is a common problem. I did what Vick suggests except that I used an empty box of 4x5 film instead of wood or styrofoam.