View Full Version : Is Photo Links a good idea?

Drew Bedo
12-Feb-2010, 13:47
Just ran across this website: www.photolinks.com

Is this a good idea or a scam?

12-Feb-2010, 14:51
That site is so busy I get a headache. I can't even tell what the point is; it looks like one giant ad.

Lon Overacker
12-Feb-2010, 18:07

Can't say whether or not it's a good idea or not, but I wouldn't classify the site as a scam. I listed my site on there over 3 years ago. I've never received any spam or unwanted emails as a result of that site, but I can see in my site stats and referrals that I do get some traffic from the site. I do NOT pay for the upgraded features.

I don't see any great benefit, but I also don't see any harm or foul play. Just another place to get your link placed if you're looking to spread your site visibility.

I agree with Carsten that the site is terribly busy and confusing, but once I added my link, I don't ever use the site, so that part really doesn't matter much to me.

Just my .02. No biggie

Scott Knowles
13-Feb-2010, 06:56
I'm curious what you actually get with your money. It takes so long to find any individual Website, and all it does is link back to yours. Where's the value? And you always have to scroll past the first page of ads (both scrolling and ads a turnoff). But if a listing and redirect service is useful to you, it's probably worth the small cost. Makes me wonder if the owner's (atchison.net) goal is more to generate traffic and money.

It's interesting he advertises being on-line since 1997, but the domanin name was only created in 2005, according to Network Solutions. And an interesting trick on the Website. Click on the home page a few successive times and you get a bot checker. Hmmm...

13-Feb-2010, 08:49
Well the site was quite mature when I searched it in early 2006, and I remember seeing it some years before.

I used it to search for Photographers & Suppliers around where I was moving to here in Turkey, a photographer in our apartment complex is/was listed.