View Full Version : Retaining Ring Size for APO Nikkor f9 240mm ?

Bob Ezergailis
11-Feb-2010, 18:07
Anyone know the correct retaining ring size for an APO Nikkor f9 240mm lens ?
I have one that is without the mounting flange that I want to put on a graflex board.


Ken Lee
11-Feb-2010, 18:16
I have this lens. I do not have any precise measuring tools. I had SK Grimes mount it on a Technika board. Perhaps they keep careful records, and can tell you. They are always very friendly and helpful. If my recollection is correct, they had to make a flange for it.

On a related note, I have been using a 150mm lens of the same design. I don't want to part with it for the several weeks of required "turnaround time", so I cut a circle in a piece of stiff paper, and then taped-over the paper with Gaffer's tape (which is like an opaque, black duct tape). The resulting "lens board" has been good enough to use. At this rate, I may never send it out for proper mounting. :)

Jon Wilson
11-Feb-2010, 22:17
I have the lens too. Although I don't have a separate flange for mine, it measures 52.9mm according to my digital caliper. If yours is like mine, it has a permanently attached wide aperture ring which has holes in it. If you have the wide aperture ring without holes, you can carefully drill holes in it and then use it to attach the lens to a lens board. Mine already had holes in it and I used those to attach my little APO Nikkor to a pacemaker board. It now works great with my Pacemaker's focal plane shutter.

Dan Fromm
12-Feb-2010, 02:39
The catalog says 53x0.75. Two copies are posted at http://goto.glocalnet.net/savazzi.net/photography/default.htm, hidden in "Old literature"

Ken Lee
12-Feb-2010, 16:31
Excellent resource Dan !

It also lists the filter size for the lenses, as item F.

For the 240mm lens, the filter size is given as 47 x 0.5
For the 360mm lens, the filter size is given as 67 x 0.75

Is the 0.5 size a non-standard of some sort ?

Only the 240 and smaller, have the 0.5 size filters.