View Full Version : Kodak ektar 127 4.7 in a copal No. 1 problem

11-Feb-2010, 05:16
Could any one help me please.
I put Ektar 127 4.7 on a copal No. 1 shutter,it work well but the widest f-stop of the shutter is 5.6.
Actually every thing seem fine but the aperture (the hole) compared like 1 stop shift.
It look like f/8 on the old is the same size of f/11 on the new one.
So,what shoud I do, believe the widest open on front of the lens(4.7) or believe the No. on the front of the shutter(5.6). Which one you prefer?

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11-Feb-2010, 05:28
Sounds like it needs a new scale, they are usually calibrated for specific lenses and focal lengths, but are sometimes interchangeable.


Glenn Thoreson
11-Feb-2010, 16:42
To do it easily and inexpensively, you have a couple of unscientific options. 1 - You can measure the old aperture and transfer that f/stop to a new scale on the Copal. Tape works fine for making scales. 2 - Shoot some film and see how the Copal's aperture scale looks per the results. If you shoot a number of shots of the same subject, same light, at different combinations of aperture/shutter speed that will give the same exposure, the film should all look the same if developed all at once. If the results are different, the aperture is off. Not scientific but it works. BTW, did you check to make sure the cell spacing is correct? It wants to be identical to the old shutter.