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nicolas krabal
10-Feb-2010, 10:30
Has anyone heard or tried that cam ???

Bob Salomon
10-Feb-2010, 12:30
I have worked with it. What do you want to know?

nicolas krabal
11-Feb-2010, 04:11
I want to know if it works great with a back hasselblad 39. And what is the best purpose for it. I need to do packshots and architecture...

Thanks !

Bob Salomon
11-Feb-2010, 04:48
It will accept any Hasselblad H or V back as well as any Mamiya 645 AF back and Contax 645 backs and 23 International backs. It just depends on which shift back you chose to use (there are two that are designed for different chip sizes) or the Universal Adapter which holds the camera adapter and back only.

This is a fully geared camera that can use the Rodenstock 23mm lens on a flat lensboard. Since it is also made from an aluminum/carbon fiber composite it is very light and ideal for outdoor and architecture work.

11-Feb-2010, 13:00
anyone knows the price in usa?

Oren Grad
11-Feb-2010, 13:19
Steve Hendrix at Capture Integration has sold one - you might check with him.