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2-Feb-2002, 15:39
Recently I browsed through the photo book section at Borders. And because one b ook stuck so far out from the shelf, I couldn't help but notice it. Now, I'm ve ry happy I near bumped my head on it!

The book is one of the finest collection of photographs I've ever seen. I was s tunned by both the quality of the photos (nearly all LF) and their reproduction, not to mention some of the most extraordinary landscapes in the world. There a re places that give nothing away to some of our beautiful, if over-photographed, national parks.

I've been a lot of places and done a lot of photography, but these images floore d me. I can honestly say seeing this book had me checking prices and contemplati ng a trip to China.

One other thing that did actually bother me about it--there are no credits. App arently, the photograpy was all done by the publisher's staff and individual pho tographers are not even mentioned. This is a real shame since these guys are wo rld class talents.

Walter Glover
2-Feb-2002, 16:17

May I draw your attention to: 'China - The Photographs Of Lois Conner' published by Callaway - ISBN: 0-935112-57-X

This book is all Black & White and Conner shot on 7"x17" banquet camera. Although mostly horizontal there are some interesting vertical compositions which take on the appearance of Oriental roll pictures.

Walter Glover

2-Feb-2002, 20:57
You're a bad influence, Walter. I'm trying to withdraw from impulsive book purchases, but after reading the reviews of Lois Conner's book, I might have to add yet another tome. Thanks!

2-Feb-2002, 21:38

What is the name of this book? Thank You!

2-Feb-2002, 21:45
Spectacular China Hardcover - 132 pages (November 1997) Hugh Lauter Levin Associates; ISBN: 0883631571 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.81 x 16.24 x 12.05

James Meckley
4-Feb-2002, 16:17
Note that the Lois Conner "China" book mentioned above (originally $100.00 US) has recently been remaindered. Photoeye.com has it for $29.95, and EdwardRHamilton.com has it for $19.95.

I was less impressed with this book than I had hoped. While there are several compelling images, too many of the included photos appear to be casual "snapshots" with the additional overlay of the depth-of-field limitations of her ultra-large format. I also found the images made up of multiple panoramic "strips" placed side-by-side (not end-to-end) to be poorly executed. She'd have been much better off using her 8x10 for those non-panoramic images. YMMV.